We have a mazda5 (which is just barely 3 row) and 3 kids, two in boosters (although we harness one for long travel) and one still RF. It’s been a great budget car but after our third drive across the country in it we’re ready to upgrade space, but not ready to pay for a new minivan! We’re honestly used to not having bells and whistles, so main things we would hopefully get are more 3rd row space, more trunk/stuff space, and AC built into the back row (we have to use a noggle now). And I’d love automatic doors! Seems like all that stuff should be a given even in older models. I’m open to crossover vehicles, but our garage is tiny and sliding doors really help with that.

Anyone who has gone the pre-owned/used minivan route, give me your tips! Make/model, where to purchase, pitfalls, anything - thank you!