Hi mini-van owners! I'm looking for insight from families who drive a Pacifica or a Honda Odessey - mainly I'm curious to know what made you choose one over the other, and how you like your car now that you're driving it. We've decided against some kind of large truck (Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon XL) for now, and are looking at the best fit mini van for our family.

Right now I'm favoring the Odessey, primarily for it's "magic slide" second row seats, and the "snow" gearshift feature (only Toyota Siennas currently offer AWD, and I'm not interested in a Sienna due to what I feel is relatively poor safety test performance). However, I think the Pacifica drives great, and I could probably make due with the stow-and-go seat options.

These are my main considerations:

1) What middle-row seating configuration do you have? Who sits where?
2) How do you feel your van handles in poor road conditions?
3) Anything else you particularly like/don't like about your car?

If it matters, I have 3 kids in carseats - 2 FF, 1 RF. I can change 1 FF to a highback harnessed booster, but no one is coming out of a highback seating situation anytime soon, and I think the RF child will be that way at least one more year, if not two. One has to hop in/out of the passenger side door for the school carpool lane.