The title pretty much says it all. I don't own a fancy dishware set that matches. Well, I do have black plates that are everyday type of stuff, but those have fallen into major hag/not for company territory. The Fiestaware that I've collected is my nice set, and I'm usually fine with that, but would it be like a clown car puked on my Thanksgiving table setting? If it helps, I have Fiestaware serving dishes in multiple colors too.

I'm not going to buy anything, I can borrow my mom's fancy china that sees daylight once, maybe twice a year. But that kind of feels like it'd be a PITA, especially with everything else that goes into prepping for a holiday meal. But if it would look really bad, I will try not to be too lazy.

Picture of dinner plate collection is attached. I need 6 plates, so I can drop 2.