Throughout my pregnancy I have thought a lot about what will happen to my work schedule after I return from maternity leave.

My initial thought was to ask to work 1 day from home. My husband always gets 1 day off during the week. That way our LO will only have to be in day care 3 days a week.

But then I started thinking with a infant how feasible is it really to get a 8 hour work day in???

I would likely be returning to work when our LO is 3 months old.

So, moms, I ask you? How feasible is it for me to put in a 8 hour day with a infant at home? It doesn't have to be a continuous 8 hours. My job is mainly done on the computer, light communication w/coworkers can be done via phone/email.

Another option might be to work four 9 hour days at the office then one 4 hour day at home?

SAHM and not work is not really an option right now for various reasons.