I'm on the hunt for a new monitor for both kiddos. We have a 3 year old and one on the way in a few weeks! We currently have a Motorola that is pretty much done for, it shuts off constantly and has to be plugged in always. It really only has close up views so we can't see the whole room of our toddler.

We want one with 2 cameras, that can be close up for new baby, and the other camera to be a wide range or angle so we can see all of our toddler's room in case he gets up in the MOTN.
We want the parent screen to shift between both monitors itself all night long so we can hear both kids. Or do a split screen somehow and hear both at the same time?

Would like to buy from Amazon since I get the 15% registry discount. I've been looking at the $100 price range but if there is a more expensive one that has EVERYTHING I'd be willing to splurge a little. Thanks in advance!