We’ve had a Friday movie night going for a while now...but I’m feeling a little over our regular go-to movie options. My five and a half year old is a super sensitive kid - she’s very overwhelmed by anything scary or sad, and it rules out a lot of movies. She was even afraid of Lucifer the cat in Cinderella, which I thought was a tame otherwise. (I mean, aside from the big picture premise - but that’s over her head!)

Aristocrats was a hit, she enjoyed the Fox and the Hound 2 (not the original)...and some random movie about a cat at Christmas that we found on Netflix has gone over really well. But it’s in German, so I’m pretty sure the only reason it doesn’t get to her is that she doesn’t understand what they’re saying and just likes watching the animated cat. 😂

Any recommendations for happier movies that have gone over well with your kids? Even better if there are animals or princesses in them!