Would you ever be interested in a multi-generational home? Or do you live in a multi-generational home now?

We moved back to our home state about three years ago and our house is two miles from my mom and stepdad. Ever since we moved back we have talked about getting a duplex or two family home. We're discovering how few of them exist in our current town, a town we would ideally like to stay in. So we have recently been talking about one big house - preferably with a good mix of group and private spaces.

A large 4,000sf house recently came on the market - it has six bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, family room, and basement rec room. The bedrooms are split into two different "wings" upstairs, and then one guest suite on the first floor. My mom and DH are really pushing for it but my stepdad and I seem to be a bit more hesitant. (And yes, my DH is really pushing for this!)

If we were to do one house versus a traditional two family, this house is about as perfect as we could find in our town and budget. I'm just feeling really unsure about it all, and I hate that in this market we don't have a ton of time to think about it. I have an amazing relationship with my mom and a solid relationship with my stepdad. We spend a ton of time with them but this is obviously a huge change.

So if you do live with your parents or in-laws how does it work for you? What were or are some of your challenges? Or if you don't currently but were open to it, what would you be most worried about?

Or feel free to tell me this is absolutely crazy and you would never, ever consider it All perspectives are helpful.

(sorry for the rambling, like I said above the crazy market isn't giving us a ton of time to process)