This year we are planning on putting up a real living christmas tree, and I need your advice! We are complete rookie on this. Both my husband and I didn't grow up in the US, and we had a fake tree when we were growing up.

I looked into it a bit and know that we should shop from a tree farm, and how we need to cut half an inch of the base off and set it up within 8 hours the tree is cut... blah blah. Will the farm help us cut that half inch off on the farm? Any advice on what supplies to get, amazon links to the "tree stand" (or whatever you call it) that you would recommend...etc.? Husband said we should get a tree NOW but wouldn't it be way too early? What do you do with the tree if you have to leave for a few days for vacation, for instance?

Or any pros and cons, or if you would recommend me to stick with a fake tree instead?

Thanks a million.... and I hope I do get some advice from here as apparently I need to order all the supplies asap...