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Talk to me about LIVING Christmas Trees!

  1. Greentea

    pomelo / 5678 posts

    @irene: the stand I linked you is the best! I promise. Your tree won't tip over with it. I actually had a tree tip over when I was home sick from school as a kid and it almost landed on top of me, so now I recommend the stand I linked, plus a local guy makes them.

  2. irene

    nectarine / 2964 posts

    OK.... so I purchased a bunch of goodies from Amazon for my will-be christmas tree. Wish me luck that all will go smooth and charming and magical instead of a leaking base and falling tree and needles everywhere and unknown allergies! hahaha

    @BananaPancakes: @Mrs. D: I ended up buying the xxl version, not the deluxe. I couldn't see the difference between the XXL deluxe and non-deluxe version except the bells and whistles when the tree is locked.... and it is 30 bucks more! I hope my decision would be OK! I studied their reviews and while many people gave raving reviews, 6% gave 1 star and 90% of these 1 star people rated was because the stand leaked at some point and ruined their floors . Eeek! I thought long and hard and jumped into it. Wish me luck that mine won't be a lemon and I guess I will lay 3 towels underneath it on top of a waterproof mat (then maybe the tree will tumble because of that haha) !

    @Littlebit7: I bought the bag you recommended - but also read from amazon reviews that many people thinks it is filmsy and the bag broke as they carry the tree out. Since it was only $6 I gave it a try anyway. Was your bag sturdy enough or too thin in your opinion?

    @Greentea: I would buy that stand if it wasn't so expensive! $130 before shipping! And the open bucket just makes me nervous!

    @Adira: @Mrs. D: Thank you for the placement suggestion!! It's a bummer I guess we have to decide and we couldn't move the Christmas tree around after it is set up

    Not sure if any of you are still reading this but thought I'd try anyway Thank you so much again all!!!

  3. BananaPancakes

    grapefruit / 4817 posts

    @irene: I know you'll be happy with it, though maybe you should be forced to start with the crappy stands so you can really appreciate just how delightful having a nice one is!

    And as long as you cut of the end of the trunk when you get it home, then get it into water ASAP and keep it submerged, the tree will be fine! We've only ever had real trees and they are special. You'll love it.

  4. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    @irene: Yay! Good luck!! Real trees are magical!

  5. irene

    nectarine / 2964 posts

    Not that anyone cares but my tree is up! Turns out because we are in Georgia, firs don't grow here naturally and the farm we went to only had cypresses as uncut options. I was so nervous the entire time and they made us cut the trees ourselves! But it just turned out beautiful. We went with a 9' one and it is just perfect. Now I hope I don't mess up and our tree lasts until the end of year. Thank you so much for your help everyone!!


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