Our bedtime routine has felt rough lately. There are a number of reasons, I’m sure, but I feel like some of the issues (squabbling in the shower/bath when they’re together, playing off of each other and getting hyper instead of getting dressed, having really divergent interests in terms of bedtime stories) could be solved with separate bedtimes. I’d love to try it, but am stumped on how to go about it. The times I’ve even read to the big girls separately, I’ve had issues with one staying in bed while I read to her siste, then the sister who got read to first coming in and pestering during the second sister’s time with me.

My kids are 5.5, 3.5, and 15 months. No one shares a room, and I’m doing it alone like 90% of the time (or more). As it is now, I’ve been trying to quickly rinse the baby after the big girls are bathed, and read her a baby book/quickly put her down while they get dressed....but they tend to get distracted without supervision. Currently I try to have them eat at 5:30, go upstairs by 6:30, and be showered/teeth brushed/clothes laid out/in bed by 7 for the baby, 7:30 for the big girls. 7:30 is starting to be way too early for my older daughter, so I’m wondering about her faking bedtime with her sisters, then getting her real attention later.

If your kids have separate bedtimes, how do you handle it (without help). The key is I don’t have a second person; I need to figure out a way that stagger things like showers/reading so that everyone stays busy, but no one is in over their head trying to do something alone that they can’t handle. It may not be possible!

Any tips/suggestions appreciated!!