Hi bees! We're officially TTC and looking for a house and a question has come up that I have not been able to find a good answer to: is it easier to leave the house with the kid(s) by car or stroller?

We are looking to buy a house and prefer a walkable neighborhood because we have always lived in one. It just seems so much easier to be able to walk a 1/4 mile to the store than to have to drive.

My mom thinks this is unrealistic with kids: she says we are going to want to drive everywhere. I think getting everyone and everything into the car and back out again would be a bigger pain. Plus I have always hated the idea of living in a car dependent neighborhood.

What do moms who live in walkable urban areas think? Especially if you used to walk everywhere before kids? Do you still value being in a walkable neighborhood?

*We live in the urban area of a suburb, so we still have two cars, parking etc. Just also can chose to live in more or less walkable neighborhoods. We are looking at homes/condos that would be 7 minute walk from Whole Foods and coffee shop, etc., versus homes that would be a ten minute drive from anything.