How do you guys feel about this hash tag that started when a non chinese person wore a chinese dress to her prom and posted about it?
I ask because with my west african heritage i've had so many mixed feelings with all the #wakanda inspired prom entrances and outfits. I personally love to see my culture celebrated but sometimes it feels like certain important things in the culture are being disrespected. For instance african fabrics have meanings, each type of fabric is worn in specific way at a specific type of event. Not all of them are prom appropriate especially with some of the styles they are being custom made into, and then to just add the hashtag #wakanda feels silly since it isnt a real place that the fabric is actually from or actually represents.

ETA- I personally love elements of all cultures and for instance was very inspired but many asian touches during my wedding planning such as the culture of folding origami paper cranes, which we incorporated into our wedding.