I've literally had the worst luck of my entire life in the last 3 weeks. At 20 weeks pregnant i got a head cold, then landed myself in the hospital for 3 days with kidney stones, just as everything was getting back to normal our sump pump breaks during a huge rainstorm and our what we thought was a dry unfinished basement had 3-4 inches of water throughout. Yesterday on my commute to work i got in a car accident. Luckily, I had my seat belt on and after being observed for 4 hours at the hospital it was deemed that me and baby are just fine. I also have pretty good insurance and all the medical stuff is covered. My husband is ready to wrap me in bubble wrap and not let me leave the house

While we havent heard an absolute from the insurance company, I would be shocked if they came back and said its not totaled. That would mean we're suddenly car shopping.... The Soul ! like what i had are surprisingly hard to come by but i would totally get another one. Other contenders are the Mazda CX-5 and the Mitsubishi Outlander sport but i think both are probably out of our budget. We're estimating that in order to keep my payments the same as the souls we can only afford to spend 16k. Any recommendations?

Must haves: Good gas milage, utility function, Bluetooth, enough space for baby gear
Wants: sunroof, AWD, Fun to drive