My husband's been doing most of the work taking care of our 2 year old daughter ever since I got put on bedrest the last couple month of my pregnancy (since last November). Over the past few months, she's grown to prefer him over me. This is not such a bad thing since I have to spend more time with the baby but we've noticed that she throws far more tantrums with him than she ever did with me. He was out of town for a few days this week and she was perfectly well behaved. As soon as he came home and took care of her morning routine the following day, she threw a huge tantrum.

We recognize that he has to work on how he reacts to her tantrums and he's probably doing a few things that's reinforcing her tantrums. It's gotten to a point where it feels like she's in automatic tantrum mode as soon as she's with him. How do we put a stop to this? Should I start to do most of her routines with her to 'reset' her before letting her dad take over again? Any thoughts on why she prefers him but throws more tantrums with him?