Ok people. I have to name identical twin girls!

So far I have come up with two sets of first names that I like. One is "softer" than the other. I think I prefer that pair, but both names are pretty popular (one was ranked 11 most recently). Ideally I'd pick something less popular.

I think I am going to use their grandmothers' maiden names as middle names: Roth and Cornelia (which is a feminine derivative of the actual name). I like the gesture and prefer a "meaningful" middle name. I don't love Cornelia aesthetically but it'll do. It doesn't really match my naming style.

My son's name is Tobias (Toby) which has a low popularity ranking.

Our last name is three syllables. Starts with an A and the last syllable is pronounced "see".

My husband likes all four of the names in this list. He will want veto power for a name he hates but would otherwise prefer to let me pick a name so he doesn't have to!

Please vote or list other suggestions below. Thanks!

Also, how do I decide which twin gets which name?! I am thinking reverse alpha order so that the older one is second alphabetically just to even that playing field a bit. I can't think of any other method!