I have a 3-month-old baby, and we've been using our new nanny for just under two months now. She's been wonderful in a lot of ways-will check to see if laundry needs to be folded, will change the sheets on my preschooler's bed, will wash bottles and pump parts all without being prompted, etc. However, a few weeks ago, I came home and she was watching Moana "with" my baby. I didn't want to jump on her but did mention a study I read about babies and screen time correlating to ADHD, and said the baby shouldn't be watching anything. I said in the notes I gave her when she first started it was fine if she watches TV while the baby sleeps and she's taking a break, folding laundry, etc., but no screen time for the baby. Jump to today-I feel like it's on more and more, and after my daughter woke up, had a bottle, and was in the Boppy Lounger after, she still had the TV on the whole time. I work out of my home, so although I'm not hovering over her, I can hear the TV through my office wall. My husband brought it up to me tonight-and he usually doesn't notice things like this. I don't want to scold her, of course, but I'm not great at redirecting adults, especially one who is kind of an extension of our family by now (that's how I think of my nannies). Any tips on how I can make it less awkward of a conversation? Has anyone else dealt with this before? I want to be nice, but the bottom line is I don't want my daughter to be second fiddle to the TV when I'm paying someone to interact with her while I work.