So ... we sleep trained our 6 month old DS three weeks ago. I hesitate even admitting that because I'm afraid I'm going to jinx it. But he's been consistently sleeping through the night (at least 10 hour stretches) for three weeks.

Now we're onto naps. He's only ever slept in his car seat, bouncy chair or on me for naps. But he's starting full-time daycare soon, so I want him to be able to sleep in a crib for naps. I tried last week: abbreviated version of bedtime routine, put him in the crib drowsy but awake, darkened room. Here's how it went ...

Day 1: cried 15 minutes, slept 10 minutes, awoke screaming
Day 2: cried 50 minutes, never slept, we stopped the nap
Day 3: cried 20 minutes, slept 10 minutes, awoke screaming
Day 4: cried 20 minutes, slept 15 minutes, awoke screaming

When he wakes up he's screaming like he's scared so I don't want to leave him there to see if he can CIO and fall back asleep. Any advice? Please???