Looking for a new convertible car seat. I have a 2014 Ford Edge. Will have an infant seat in as of December but I don’t believe the vehicle allows for a middle installation of either because of the seat belt locations.

We currently have a Britax Boulevard ClickTight that insurance will be replacing following an accident. I like how easy the Britax is to install BUT absolutely hate how hard it is to tighten the straps. The “pull to click” is garbage. It was also a pain to do when rear facing.

I’m torn between something that will last forever (until my almost 3 year old daughter is done with it) OR something similar for daughter to use until #2 needs it and then get something else for her (I feel like this may not work because she would be in a convertible beyond age 4, right? Basically baby 2 would need it in December 2019 and DD will be 4 1/2 then).

What should I be considering or avoiding?