Feeling so frustrated right now. I live in a cove with 3 other families. Between us we have 12 kids and 10 acres, so our kids run free together and play most days. We are the newest family in the cove as we have only lived at our house 9 months. This morning one of the moms group texted the “cove moms” and said she and her daughter tested positive for COVID yesterday but her son is only congested and otherwise fine. She then asked if we minded if he still played outside with our kids. I responded and said I did mind and wanted to avoid exposure at this point, but the other said, “we have likely already been exposed, so no worries if he wants to play!” Now I have to keep my kids inside while they watch everyone else play. I just am blown away by the whole situation. I feel so frustrated and want to let her know, but I also don’t want to damage our relationship since we are neighbors. What would you do? Just deal and stay inside all weekend?