Thanks to everyone for the help with the TTC Status feature!

We pulled together a very quick beta TTC Status profile pulldown that you can check out by editing your profile. You can click on your profile and then on the "edit" link... or this link will work too:

The TTC status is empty for now, but you can select any of the options we brainstormed together:

* Waiting to Try
* Not Trying, Not Preventing
* Trying to Conceive
* Currently Pregnant
* Taking a Break
* The Baby Factory is Closed
* Adopting
* Other

Please choose the appropriate pulldown if you get a chance! This will help us out when we test out the next piece of this that we're building: having your TTC status show up when you mouseover your avatar.

That part isn't done yet, but if you fill out your TTC status it will help us in testing. Thanks!

ps My TTC Status is set to, "The Baby Factory is Closed"!

UPDATE: TTC Status now shows up when you mouseover someone's avatar!