I'm hoping some of you charting experts can help me figure this out. I just started charting this cycle so I am a little confused as to what is going on.

I have been using the clear blue OPK's (the smiley ones), and I got a - OPK on this Monday morning, a + OPK Monday evening, and a + OPK Tuesday (yesterday) morning. I did not test again Tuesday evening, but this morning I got a - OPK. I had distinct cramps on and off all day yesterday until around 8 at night, so I assumed I had ovulated since the cramping stopped around then, but this morning, I did not have a thermal shift, in fact, it went down to 97.27 from 97.51 the day prior.

So my question is: Since I did not have a thermal shift this morning, did I not ovulate? Or do you think I will be ovulating this morning? I just assumed since the cramps were pretty distinct that meant I was ovulating. Now I do not have any cramps and also a negative OPK. Is it possible I have already ovulated or no?