My newborn (almost 2 weeks old) typically only falls asleep at breast or when carried around. Whenever she is put down at all, she wakes up within a couple minutes and won't go back to sleep/acts hungry. Atleast this is how it's been on and off. I don't exactly know what it means, if that's just her pattern ATM, or how to help her sleep! I am staying away from pacifiers for now (though I have them!!) and getting her established at breast. Maybe this is why I did not experience this restlessness with my first two babies, my 1st was on formula & always had a paci...and my 2nd breastfed but he "found" his fingers within first days of life. Idk. Any advice/encouragement will help tremendously.

I assume the sucking at breast & being held is her need of comfort...but how do I get her to stay down? I can't get anything done--and there's so much to keep up with with two loud and crazy monkeys running around/fighting all the time! Not to mention hardly sleeping