DS turned 6 in Jan. Unfortunately, he is still having problems having dry nights. This is not a common problem to a lot of you, but in case if you may be struggling with this like I do, or if you yourself was a late bed-wetter, I just want to see if we can all share stories so we can learn from it!

One thing that we have already seen many times on Hellobee boards that does NOT need to be repeated: Night time can NOT be trained. Their body has to secrete a certain enzyme for the magic to work. If it hasn't worked yet meaning it is not the time.

Let's share this (or as much/little as you want):

- Age and Gender of your LO

- How often does s/he wet (eg. twice a night, once every few nights)

- What is your methodology to keep her/him "dry" and protect the bed: eg. do you keep him/her in pull up? disposable bed protection sheets? washable bed protection sheets?

- If you are not using pull ups:
---any tips / brand recommendation on how to protect the sheet and the blanket...etc.?
---what does your child do if they wake up and find themselves wet in the middle of the night?

- Have you try anything other than wait it out? eg. Enuresis alarm? read books? Did it help?

- How does your child feel about the "issue"?

- How do you / your spouse feel about the issue?

- If you have already overcame this, what happened, and how old was your LO when s/he finally remain dry all night?

- Does s/he snore? Any other health issues/kinks that may not even relate?
(I read on a book that snoring somehow relate to nighttime enuresis issues. I was talking to a friend about it yesterday, and she said that snoring, plus mouth breathing also relates to that, and she said she noticed DS opens his mouth a lot. He also does this occasional dry cough that our doctor + ENT didn't think it was anything but it is quite annoying).

Thank you so much!