We've been diaper-free in our home for almost a month now and I've only had a full night of sleep like 1 night of that whole time!

I'd love some tips or positive stories if anyone has them

Here's the thing...my kids are on the older side of this--lo1 is 6.5, and lo2 is 3.5. I know, I know, I have a first grader who was still in diapers at night until a month ago...we really let it go on too long but she has been really resistant to trying, and with her personality especially, it makes things harder to push if she's not on board. Our younger daughter was sleeping through the night with dry diapers for a few nights, so we jumped on that as a window of opportunity to get her out of diapers, but that also meant lo1 had to start trying too, so...here we are a month later. the 3yo has had more dry nights than 6yo, but still usually wakes every couple days motn having leaked. The 6yo usually wakes up wet anywhere between 4-5:30am--so she's making it *almost* through the night. and that's even with dh waking her to pee around 11 before he goes to bed (we started that about 2-3 weeks in and she is on board with it).

We're doing so much laundry, everything smells like pee. Help! Is there anything else we can do? They pee right before bed time, we wake the older one to "dream pee," we're using pads on their beds but they don't really catch it all....Has anyone used those "bedwetting alarms?" do they do anything?