My 6.5 year old has hated jeans for years (no waistbands, no seams), and recently started protesting soft jeggings as well. The only pants she'll really wear is leggings, which is fine most of the time, but it does get cold on occasion here (VA) and I want her to wear something a little warmer for recess/outside activities when it's in the 20s/low 30s. Unfortunately anything fleece-lined is also out because she runs warm and fleece makes her sweat almost on contact. Anyone find anything else that's warmer than typical leggings but not jeans/jeggings/fleece-lined? A few years ago Kohls and Children's Place had thick leggings that worked really well for her but I haven't seen them since then Doubling up regular leggings and light sweats is my current idea but that gets cumbersome at school so I'd like to find something she can wear on its own.