Years ago (pre-kid), I got a horrid case of norovirus and (I think) as a result I now have major anxiety about vomiting and stomach bugs in general. Of course norovirus is everywhere right now and the way I know to manage anxiety is to be prepared so I'd love your tips if you've lived this recently on what helped/would have helped, particularly around containing the mess. I have plenty of disinfectant, masks to try and keep the non-infected away from germs, trash bags, all that stuff. My biggest challenge, gross as it sounds, is how to manage when vomiting and diarrhea are happening at the same time. I remember very clearly and traumatically living the Bridesmaids scene with things uncontrollably coming out of both ends. My mom blissfully cleaned up after me then but what does one do with a kid who's not in diapers anymore in this eventuality? Multiple sheet sets to prevent the mattress from getting ruined? Laying down in the bathroom on something? We have small bathrooms so I'm not sure how to do that and overall I'm having a very hard time planning for that part of it. We don't use waterproof mattress covers because they're typically plastic and my daughter overheats easily so I'm just remembering how messy this was even for me as an adult and trying to minimize the damage (recognizing it will still be a mess but at least I'll feel somewhat ready for it). Thank you!