So we're finally getting the nursery painted this week and I'm having trouble deciding on the paint color! The room already has white wainscoting on the lower half and I really wanted to do a "peachy-coral" color for the top half of the walls. I don't want it to look just "pink" if you know what I mean?

I've already swatched 6 different paint colors and 5 out of 6 look almost the same (depending on the lighting). The room doesn't get any direct sunlight (1 window), but has a ceiling fan that lights it pretty well at night. Paint swatches are shown at night.

So far, the one that "sticks out" is my favorite, but I fear the color might be TOO INTENSE for the nursery? Rest of the house has soothing, pale colors. The "one-saturation level down" color as told to me by the paint guy is the one on the left. I just wish I could get something in the middle (or just a little less intense).
What do you guys think?

P.S. A few "inspiration pics" to help you get an idea of what I'm going for. I already have the "For Like Ever" poster (from years ago) and zebra rug (to possibly use). The first inspiration room is actually the same paint as I used for center swatch. I guess it just looks a lot darker in my room?