I finally finished stenciling our accent wall in our nursery for baby #2 (team green) and need help finding a rug to use in the room.

For one, I'm torn on color of the rug. A neutral/white to tie into the remainder of the room (the changing table is white and the dresser is vintage and white, with a dark stained top).

Or, do I do a teal/bluish accent rug with no to minimal pattern (so that it doesn't compete with the wall) to tie in an accent color that I want to do throughout the room in decorations, fabric, etc.. The crib sheet, changing pad cover, etc are all the same fabric in a teal color.

I'm just not sure what to do, but have had a few friends tell me white. So, if that is the route I go, help me find one!

My requirements: Does not shed and is soft (but not super shaggy). I'm including a poll, but feel free to link different rugs you find, if you want. I'll try to post ones that I've seen later on (I'm about to go into a work meeting). I just need other opinions and DH is ZERO help!


eta - added a pic - oops