I just had my first baby last Tuesday. He was an early term babe born at 37+6 weeks. He is an extremely sleepy nurser. He is down about 9% of his birth weight. Couple the sleepy nursing with a bad latch (I have a hard time getting him to open his sleepy mouth wide enough to latch!) and I'm resorting to pumping until his weight stabilizes. I'm going to see a lactation consultant tomorrow about the latch. Unfortunately, my supply is not meeting his needs at the moment. Im hoping it increases over the next few days since I'm only 5 days PP. I've started taking fenugreek and am going in a hunt for fennel essential oils tomorrow. Im drinking about 100oz of water a day. In the mean time I'm supplementing. I'm super bummed out about it though.... Can anyone give me some positive stories if you have had a similar situation? I need some motivation not to give up pumping the small amount that I'm getting.