DS is aging out of Early Intervention in a couple months. Next step for him would be a special school district preschool that has speech therapists involved. But of course, he has to be evaluated again. So we took him in to the preschool for testing.

He didn't say a SINGLE word. NOTHING! He just clammed up and wouldn't even interact with them until the last five minutes when he grunted at them. I mean, really kid?

He passed the intelligence tests somehow, but obviously they don't have much to go on for his language... So they've asked us to bring him in for observation during regular preschool hours. Without a parent.

I am very concerned this will be traumatizing to my exceedingly shy child. It took him weeks to warm up at daycare and he is frankly terrified of other children in the neighborhood. I mean he runs crying home if they come out to play, even if they aren't getting close to him!

Ugh. I have no idea what to do. He's made great strides in his language the last year, but he is still 6 months behind. I want him to get the help that he needs.

Do I suck it up and abandon him at the preschool for observation a few times? Do I ask if they would let me be with him in the preschool despite it being strongly discouraged? Maybe it is good enough for him to have a former speech pathologist at his daycare (granted, it is mostly in Spanish) and he doesn't need the preschool?