Hi there, wondering if anyone can help with a feeding question I can't seem to answer with google?

My wife almost exclusively breastfeeds. The only exception is a bottle which I give our 3-month old each night at around 12-1am.

I feel like we've got a good system going, which allows us both to get some uninterrupted sleep, but my wife is worried that by giving the bottle, she will lose her supply at that time in the night so that if there was no bottle one night, she would not be able to feed the baby properly because her body had grown used to the "no milk needed between 10pm-3am" schedule.

We know in general if you express less your supply will decrease, but is it as "time-sensitive" as this? Does anyone else have experience with doing one bottle per day, but not being a slave to it, for instance not doing bottle at weekends?

Thanks in advance!