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Ok squinters, try your eyes on this one...

  1. pachamama

    nectarine / 2418 posts

    @mrsjd: Hey, not too bad! Also, you have age on your side. When I was torturing myself at the fertility clinic in 2015, the nurses said again and again numbers are one thing but age matters the most and under 35 is "very, very doable". I was 31 and they we like THIS IS GOOD!

  2. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @pachamama: That's what my doctor kept saying too. Plus the fact my husband (who is 6 years old damn lucky men) has no issues. How excited is your husband/partner?!

  3. pachamama

    nectarine / 2418 posts

    @mrsjd: My husband is thrilled he liked the idea of 2 years apart. I hope this little one sticks!!

  4. Shantuck

    pear / 1766 posts

    Just saw this! Love to see another DOR mama get such great news! Congrats!


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