I wasn't sure which board to post this on, but I'm mostly just looking for solidarity (and any tips if you have had similar experiences). My little boy just turned one, and we've been introducing him to a lot of solid foods. He isn't a super picky eater and will eat meat, veggies, fruit, etc without much of a problem. He still is primarily fed with bottles of formula, but we try to give him some solids every day. I know at this point most babies are eating three meals of solid food plus a few snacks a day, but my problem is this- when I do give him solids, it always seems like he gets bored really quickly and doesn't eat enough to qualify it as a meal. And often we'll go whole days where I'll just forget to give him some finger foods and he'll just have puffs here and there. So basically what I'm saying is, I'm having a lot of trouble staying on track with consistency and I'm nervous that he's going to be drinking formula until he's in high school because I always forget to put together a meal of solid food for him or I'm just too exhausted to think through what to prepare for him. I know that sounds horrible. Any help on meal ideas or tips for how to incorporate finger foods into our day would be most appreciated!