The other thread about traveling away from a nursing kiddo got me thinking...I'm really torn about what to do for a wedding we're invited to in about 6 weeks and we need to RSVP soon. I'd love others' opinions!

We're in NYC, the wedding is in Boston and it's an adults-only, black tie optional, evening wedding.

Background info: the groom was one of dh's college friends who I had never met before our own wedding, but then let dh and I live with him rent-free for over a month when I was traveling for dissertation research (he had an extra room in his house), though that was about 5 years ago and I've still only seen him once since (dh has seen him more, but we don't live in the same place. So I don't know him well but he's been extremely generous in the past to us.

Normally one or both my parents travel with us for weddings but can't this time,

Wwyd? See poll below

ETA: our girls will be 4.5 and 21months. 21mo still nursing now but can go without it

ETA2: added an option for bringing our sitter with us to Boston; not sure if this would cost more or less than having her watch them in NYC though