Maybe I'm being over-sensitive or over-protective or something, but do any of you get those people who just CANNOT get over how (insert compliment here) your LO is and goes on and on and on about it?!? I mean, yeah, my kid is amazing ( ), but we have a few different family friends who do this (both grandmother aged) & it's really ALL they can talk about around us. It's just so annoying. Or there's the "I'm taking you home with me!" line that one of them used no fewer than 6 times just tonight. Ffs, lady, back the f off! I know you want to take my kid, but I will take you out if I have to.
I think I just needed to vent here because at the event we went to, I had to just grin & bear it & be polite to keep the festive feel of the event we attended.
Share your annoyances, please! I can't be the only one this stuff bothers, am I?