After all the ridiculous, anxiety-riddled posts I have made and the long journey some of you knew it took to get here, I thought I'd share how my son made his entrance into the world last week.
So I hadn't gained weight in 6 weeks and my bump hadn't grown much so (as per usual with me) I was pretty anxious for my 40w2d ultrasound/ NST. I had got a high risk ultrasound at 38w (heart arrhythmia) showing him to be 7lb11oz. This u/s at 40w2d showed him at 7lb2oz. !! Of course he hadn't shrunk but it was unsettling that there was no growth (different machines and techs but still) and it sent me into a COMPLETE vortex of panic. The OB wasn't too worried (?!) but I was shaking with fear. She said I was 3cm, very ripe and gave me a membrane sweep. She said "I see no reason for you to be pregnant another day" and sent me to L&D to be induced. I was LOSING my mind with worry but he wasn't showing signs of distress or anything. He had an irregular heartbeat so I was thinking it had something to do with that but looking back I think he was just not meant to be a big baby and wanted out. Who knows.
The plan was unmedicated labor like I did with my first son but I knew Pitocin would complicate that or make it impossible to endure the pain (I have read many of your stories after all!).
Got to L&D at 4pm with some contractions- that membrane sweep definitely worked. Had my bloody show. Then the hospital had a bunch of emergencies so we didn't start Pitocin til 12:45am and HOLY SHIT THAT STUFF IS THE DEVIL. But effective in my case. Luckily I was in very early labor but omg by 1:45am I couldn't walk and 2:30am I couldn't talk. I was like EPIDURAL NOW PLEASE!! At this point I was 7cm. Contractions 2-3 mins apart on a 9/10 scale painwise. I went completely inside myself if that makes sense. Unlike my non-induced labor with my son, there was no break between contractions; my body wasn't resting.
But per my stupid birth plan, my midwife got me in the hot tub (was now 9cm like 15 minutes later), and JUST like with my son, the instant I got in there I had the urge to push. It felt so good to push! No one believed me b/c it was too fast. So I had a huge push and he almost came out in the tub. Big insurance no-no! The midwife got me out, holding the baby's head in as I climbed on the table. 3 pushes later that I was *pretty* sure ripped me apart at the seams, Keegan was born 7lb 9oz, 19", screaming and pink and full of fury. The pain was instantly gone. It was over!!!
He is a nursing pro and I only had a tiny 1st degree tear (not a "vaganus" like I thought), but I am MUCH more sore this time and have very little bladder control.
I have nothing but wonderful memories of the labor and delivery and am so so thrilled my little guy is here safe and sound. But Pitocin is some scary shit!