Another thread and something I witnessed at daycare pick up has me curious.

Does your LO use a pacifier? When and why did you introduce it? Pros & Cons of your LO's pacifier usage. Does your LO soothe with both pacis and fingers?

We were gifted a couple wubanubs and we bought a bunch of Mams pacifiers, but LO rejected anything we gave him. (Wubanubs are still in the box; DH did not like the animal attachment.) He's always used his fingers or thumbs to soothe. When he was really little sometimes he would forget his fingers and cry until we helped him out. Now he totally has the hang of it. My mom was really forcing the issue- pacifier as a solution, but when we would ask the peds advice on how to introduce they all said if he's sucking a finger or thumb no need for a paci.

At daycare pick up several babies were hollering and I asked if my LO ever sounds like that. His teacher told me no because he constantly has his fingers in his mouth. Until she placed the pacifiers back in the babies mouths I still didn't quite understand what my LO was doing so different.

Sometimes his fingers in the mouth delays him take a boobie or bottle when clearly he's hungry. Other than that, his self soothing really does keep him generally quiet. I'm sure both habits are going to be hard to break.