Ok brilliant HB-ers, I need some design help and you always have great suggestions!

I have a small bedroom size office (roughtly 10x12') with cornflower blue carpeting. The carpet has been there since we bought the house is in great condition and very high quality so despite the fact that I HATE the color, it's staying. (no hardwood under it either). I'm transforming the room from my husband's office to my hobby room/guest room and I need to figure out a paint color to match. The walls are currently white, but I'd like to do something different. We have the same carpet in my daughter's room and we painted the walls a soft lilac and it looks great, but it's definitely a kids room color, not an office.

What would you suggest? I'm wide open to ideas. The room is pretty bright from one good sized window. FYI, I tend to like very bold statements in design!