Does anyone have a good book or two to recommend that is specifically geared towards parenting girls? My oldest daughter is in Kindergarten (so 5.5 years old) and already dealing with some friend drama at school. I've got a pretty good gut feeling on how to handle things/what I want to convey to my daughters....but I frankly didn't expect to be facing this quite so young, and I'm having a hard time taking what I intended to tell her down to an age-appropriate level.

From what I can ascertain, she FEELS like she's on the receiving end of some nastiness; however, from listening to her it sounds like she may also be dishing it out herself. Nothing truly awful (it's mostly innocuous stuff like "Kate asked me to play, but I told her I didn't want to play on the spinner, I wanted to do monkey bars, and now she's not my friend"), but it's a big deal to her, and it has made me realize I need to start working with her on (a) being aware of how her actions and behavior impact others and (b) having some tools for coping with other girls' behavior when it hurts her feelings.

Thanks in advance!