Help! Trying to take my kiddos skiing (first time for them) - I'd like to put my three year old in one of the learn to ski programs.....but the places I'm calling start their rental boots at size 15cm, which is like a toddler 8....and she's just a 5 moving into a 6! This also makes me think that she's going to be much, much too short for the skis they have on offer. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know if skis/boots in smaller sizes even exist? Do we just have to table this until she grows, and choose a resort where she can go in daycare all day? Or do I try to use some of the "backyard" type skis that go on over a regular snowboot (assuming those are utter junk, but maybe I'm wrong). Any inside info from someone more knowledgable would be very appreciated! Thanks!