We are just about to do a major overhaul of our backyard and that includes a new patio where we'll have space for a dining table and a lounge area. We figured that if we can't go anywhere, why not make our backyard some place we want to hang out! I'm looking for advice on what to look for in the lounging furniture. I'm thinking either a couch and two chairs or maybe a sectional with one of the fire tables. We'll use this to have our neighbors over to hang out but it will also serve as our spot to watch movies in the backyard so definitely looking for comfort! However, we're also pretty lazy so the least amount of maintenance would be preferable. Though I do expect that we would have to either take off cushions or cover it as I don't believe anything is completely weather proof. We live in the midwest so we get all sorts of weather. We're also not looking to spend a ridiculous amount of money but would rather buy quality rather than having to replace something every few years. Any advice on what to look for, places to go, places to stay away from?