I have pcos and super long cycles (100+ days without medication, so i usually induce with progesterone to keep my cycles shorter). With dd1 i was on metformin for 4 months, progesterone to induce periods, and got pregnant on my first cycle of 50mg of Clomid.

Now that we're trying for #2, I've been on metformin (1500mg) for 6 months. Progesterone to induce periods. Clomid 50mg cycle 1 and got a negative (no ovulation that i detected). Cycle 2 ovulated on cd24 and got a pos 8dpo. Then had a miscarriage at 8 weeks.

I want to try again right away. I'm still lightly bleeding from my miscarriage and am obviously not taking clomid this "cycle"

My questions:
If you have pcos and have had a miscarriage, did you ovulate the cycle after the miscarriage (ie: 2 weeks after the miscarriage before the next period)?
Was your ovulation later than normal?
Was that cycle longer than normal?

Trying to decide how long i should let this cycle go. I am not willing to let it go 100+ days so i will be taking progesterone at some point... Jsut dont know if i should wait out a possible later-than-normal ovulation or just write this one off as anovulary