My husband has always enjoyed photography as a hobby. His tripod recently broke (it's probably 15 years old, and rather outdated in terms of size/weight/functionality), and I'd like to replace it for his birthday.

He uses a Nikon DS90 with a variety of lenses (a few of which are larger/heavier pro lenses - sorry I don't know exactly which ones, but they're fairly "normal" - nothing huge like paparazzi/Nat Geo photographer long distance lenses) So it needs to be able to hold the weight of a large-ish lens +camera body, and should be relatively compact and lightweight, so that we're able to take it with us in the stroller or (baby carrying) backpack on hikes or outings in order to get full family photos or long exposure shots.

I looked at a list of recommendations put out by B+H, then looked on Amazon....and I'm seeing everything from $20 tripods to $350 tripods....I'd like to be somewhere in the middle of that range. $200ish sounds like a good upper limit to me, if it's coming recommended by someone who knows more than I do!

Thanks so much for any advice you can give!