Tomorrow is Ts 6 month photo session. It will be at a local park. M is wearing a gingham navy shirt, and jeans or khaki shorts. T is wearing a denim romper. I am wearing a 3/4 sleeve red and white striped knee length dress. I am stumped about what shoes I should wear.

Here are some options:
Simple black flats
TB black flats with small gold logo
Navy flats with small buckle
Simple leather black sandals
Nude ballet flats (I'm leaning this way)
Gold flip flops

I don't have a ton of shoes (mostly ballet flats and rain boots) but I can dig around my closet and see what else I have if you have ideas. I don't own or wear many heels. Thank you!

ETA I'd be tempted to wear my red Hunters but it's going to be sunny and 75.