It's me again! It's so like me to overthink everything, so here I go again. DH just informed me he's ready to TTC at the end of the month (I'm still in disbelief!), and I don't want to delay any further than that, BUT I have been waiting for an opportunity to travel to Asia for work and that opportunity is planned for the summer. If (and that's a big IF) we get KU right away, I would be about 9-10 weeks for the trip. Does that matter? Will I still be allowed to go? No one at work will have to even know about it that early on, but would it be unsafe for me to fly 20ish hours in the first trimester, and spend a week or so in Asia?

And also, why do I care so much? By wanting to have a baby in the first place I'm choosing to welcome something new in my life that will be priority over my career. I keep going back and forth between wanting to start TTC right away and not caring what it does to the rest of my life, and thinking of all the possible reasons why we should not have a baby right now. Is this normal? I think I put the scary things out of my mind for so long while I was trying to convince DH to do it, and now that he's on board, I'm totally second guessing our decision.