Because of bebe 2, we have to move a lot of things in the house, meaning we are moving to the basement and Mavrick is getting our room for his toddler room. Clearly the room is too big for a dresser and single bed, so we were thinking of splitting the room and making it a playroom.

That way when we are having dinner, then they can play in the room (rather than in the living room where there is no space) I know I have to consider that sleeping doesn't equal playtime, but I don't see how else we can do it.

Plus, I'm sure we can educate the kids so that they understand sleep and play. When we were young, my mom opted to put my sister and I in the same room so that the other room was a playroom altogether, but I don't want to combine my son and bebe 2 at those early stages (even more so if she's a girl)

Does anyone have a playroom in their kids' bedroom? What are your thoughts on the subject?