DH and I have been planning to sleep train our LO for a while and were waiting until she hit the 6 month mark. It's absolutely come to the point of desperation, it's taking 2 hours to put her down for the night and it's driving me insane! What's so annoying is that it kind of came out of nowhere a few weeks ago and it wasn't too bad before this to get her to sleep. My daughter is 25 weeks and is Very sensitive with a high intensity temperant. I read the 9 traits of temperant on the baby sleep site and she is the extreme end of all the traits, which I already knew but had to read all of it and actually accept it and move on rather than keep hoping she will change and become one of those super easy going babies, ha! We are going to start sleep training her tomorrow night with the cry it out method. I'm having so much anxiety already, I can't even imagine tomorrow! Please do you have any tips or advice for me?