Hi ladies, I'm hoping someone has ANY idea I can try!
My 18 month old has been refusing naps for the last three weeks. He's never been a happy napper - Previously, I would let him cry in his crib for 10-15 min and he would sleep for 2 hrs. Now he might cry for over an hour and just won't go down at all.

He will nap in the car or stroller but I really resort to that very rarely. I've tried earlier (10, 11) and later (1, 2) I've tried milk, baths, cuddling, not cuddling, dark rooms, night lights. He is at the park every day, often walks almost a mild to and fro or swims - he has to be exhausted! I tried quiet days thinking he was overtired but that's even worse?

He's definitely not ready to drop his nap. He is miserable from about 3pm onwards and as the days go by he's getting crankier and crankier. Honestly my heart breaks for him, he's miserable and exhausted!

Night sleep is excellent - lay down drowsy and sleeps for 11.5 hrs exactly. (Usually 630pm-6am) Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be able to catch up the day sleep!

At my wits end, I don't know how to help him! Any ideas?