Not sure if this is the right board, so please move if not.

My sister, BIL, their 20 mo daughter, me, DH, our 3.5 yo son, and my parents are planning to do a beach photo shoot! I'm so excited about this opportunity, as they are few and far between.

This is where you come in: I'm almost 20w pregnant and am sporting a very obvious bump (aka I need to wear maternity clothes). I'm not sure we will be into matchy-matchy with all white or black shirts and jeans. We'd like something that will look good and is also easy to acquire if we don't already own the item. The photographer suggested we wear tighter-fitting clothing because it can be windy.

ETA: It will probably be high 60s, low 70s.

Do you have a favorite family beach photo that illustrates a casual, yet put together look? Links/images appreciated. Thanks!

Note: I already own a coral-colored casual dress (which may not be great in a windy situation), white shirt, black shirt, jeans, leggings....DS owns chambray or denim shirts, khakis, jeans. DH owns jeans, khakis, a variety of plaid button-down shirts. No idea about my parents, though I do know they at least own jeans.