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Post your embryo pics!

  1. Mrs.KMM

    grapefruit / 4355 posts

    this thread!

  2. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    Wanted to update this thread with my results. Those two embryos are now my 2 month old b/g twins. I wonder which embryo was which.

  3. fotolori1

    apricot / 386 posts

    Yay!!!! That's awesome! I hope I have the same results!!!!

  4. fotolori1

    apricot / 386 posts

    Here is our embryo from today, we only had one and I am terrified! It was a late day 4 morula but was starting to blast when they looked again right before the transfer... And they did assisted hatching. I hope this little one sticks! Prays appreciated! This is our last chance!

  5. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2465 posts

    my only embryo to make it to day 5 - now 21 weeks pregnant!

  6. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2465 posts

    @fotolori1: good luck!!

  7. fotolori1

    apricot / 386 posts

    @MrsKRB: what did they say about yours? Did they say it was an expanded blastocyst? Or super good quality? Yours doesnt look dramatically different than ours. Just the outer shell.

  8. fotolori1

    apricot / 386 posts

    @MrsKRB: thank you! I have been cramping this afternoon since about 2pm, it is now 7:30, I wonder if that's a good sign?

  9. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2465 posts

    @fotolori1: it was grade B quality, not hatching. I honestly thought it looked terrible compared to everyone else's beautiful and flat embryos! I think cramping could be implantation or just from the ivf itself, but either way I think it's a good sign

  10. Des10d2succeed

    pea / 24 posts

    Here are the embryos from my latest transfer. I have had 1 transfer prior to this one which was a BFN.

    Have a fresh or frozen transfer?
    What day were they
    -day 5, both
    Praying and staying positive!!!
    I have no symptoms. Except the ones expected from the medication.

  11. JenGirl

    clementine / 756 posts

    Not going through IVF, but I work in a PGS lab, so I was curious and clicked on this thread. I just wanted to say that it's so cool that you all get pictures of your embryos! I didn't know that centers did that. But it's awesome and you all have such adorable little embryos! Good luck to you all!

  12. Des10d2succeed

    pea / 24 posts

    @JenGirl: thank you!!!

  13. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    Love seeing this thread bumped!

  14. NorthStar

    pear / 1881 posts

    I saw this thread bumped and had to add my pic Did a fresh transfer of the hatching blast (on bottom) last Thursday - St. Patty's Day! We were lucky enough to have 3 good enough to be frozen, which is a miracle, considering we didn't even have a blast during our first IVF round.

    My beta is not until Monday, 3/28; however, I'm going to POAS tomorrow morning.

  15. Amorini

    persimmon / 1132 posts

    @NorthStar: oh, wishing you so much luck!

    Here are our embies that we transferred in mid-January! One was a 6-day blast and the other a 5-day, both expanding. Almost 13 weeks with a singleton plus his/her guardian embie angel.

  16. magnolia

    persimmon / 1168 posts

    @NorthStar: good luck I love these pics, so beautiful

  17. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    this thread as well!

    Fresh or frozen:

    Days at transfer:
    Day 5 blastie

    1st beta was today, 160!

    Hoping for a big climb in 2 days when I beta again.

  18. Mrs. Pickle

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21628 posts

    @yellowbeach: congratulations! I hope your beta doubles and you have a nice and easy pregnancy.

    I forgot about this thread. Time flies! My DD is 9.5 months now.

  19. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    This baby (currently 28+5) is from a FET. Frozen at day 4, but grown out overnight to a blastocyst. Expecting a wee girl!

  20. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    @jaguar: so exciting! She's beautiful!

  21. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    I love it when this thread pops up! Sending and to everyone! (Ok, it didn't pop up on the boards but something reminded me of this thread and how I've been meaning to respond.)

  22. agold

    grapefruit / 4045 posts

    So here are my two thawed embryos that I transferred back in December. They weren't graded the best and I was feeling very down about them in general. But one of them took and baby girl is due at the end of the month! So I really feel like it doesn't matter how embryos look or how they get graded - they all have chance!

    ETA: The embryo on the top... WTF is wrong with it? Why so faint... I agonized over that one the most.

  23. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @agold: I'm a scientist and I've worked with a microscope and slides. Maybe that top one was out of focus that's why it's blurry. That's what my guess is. I see the ring around it so the embryo is there.

  24. agold

    grapefruit / 4045 posts

    @bluestriped bee: Thanks for sharing your opinion on it! I came up with so many conspiracy theories about that faded embryo!! I hope you and your babies are doing well!


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